Customers Love Gallery Bank!

but don’t just take our word for it

I have used this plugin on my blog for about 3 years. It took me less than 5 minutes to know I’d want to purchase the premium version. While I can’t speak to what the free version offers anymore, I do know that I tried many many many gallery plugins before settling on gallery bank. It is easy peasy to use and setup. If offers what I need in a gallery plugin and feel no gallery plugin should be without and that’s the ability to link to something other than a larger image. When I needed support, they helped get me back up and running and even checked to be sure everything was going ok. It is not processor heavy either like other plugins you might use for galleries and this is a huge plus when your dealing with a hosting service such as myself. Gallery Bank has several display options and many effects. Its worth a look.

Great Plugin + Support = Awesome 🙂

It is really responsive. Beautiful, simple and convenient. I recommend this plugin as I got everything I was looking for.

Nice product. Top level support.

Super, Super Support bei Fragen zur Anwendung sollte mal etwas nicht direkt verstanden worden sein. Das Plugin ist einfach fantastisch.
Thanks to the Tech Banker Support-Team

Perfect support

Had been using this plugin for quite a while now and it is easy to use and configure, surely worth every penny.
Recently after a couple of updates on my wordpress installation the plugin stopped working, one message to the customer service and got it up and running again.

Great filter gallery plugin, awesome support team.

They helped me solving a few problems with the new plugin Gallery Bank and some scrolling problems.

Excellent support!

This is an excellent plug-in and the Executive (Stella) was responsive and helpful. Please keep up the good work.

Answered quickly and resolved.

Great plugin, fast and simple. Create in some minutes great galleries. I used in a site about selling cars.
Great also for uploading images via cellular phone.
Helpdesk assistance is great, fast, responsive, professional.
TEN STARTS !!!!!!!!! ?

Great Plugin,
fast and great Support.
I’m happy ?

I have been using this plugin for many years, starting out with the free version, before deciding that I wanted more! I upgraded to the Eco version and have been delighted with it since, it works like a dream, and when I do experience a problem, there is an extremely efficient support service that has me up and running again in almost no time.
I see myself using it for a great many years more!

I was extremely please with the support offered. I had the old version of the plugin and they update it for me. Jim

Super fast support, they fixed my problem within 24 hours. Very helpful and friendly. Thank you guys.

very handy and easy.

Have been in touch with customer care / support several times. Every time they are quick, helpful and solves the issue in just one single email. Keep up the good work!

Have been using the Gallery plugin for a while and very pleased with it. After moving my site to a different host, i encountered some problems but there support was excellent, and they fixed my problem promptly … on a saturday !

Easy to use and great functionality

quick to address issue raised, very helpful and informative.

I did have a problem when the gallery suddenly disappeared, but the on line support was excellent, and soon up and running again.

This is an excellent module for showcasing images. I even used it as an header (as a row of single images). Lot of options allow easy configuration according to one’s liking.

We had a minor issue with some pictures not showing up and contacted support. Same day response and the issue was solved after a few emails. Very satisfied.

money well spent

My problem was fixed at once.

Great Support

This is a great plugin and they have even better support. I was having problems with integrating the plugin into my site. They dedicated they time to resolve the problems in no time. Highly recommended!

Gallery Bank is a perfect program. the support team is great. the helped me very good

Very quick support had me back up and running in next to no time

Easy to setup and customize and works great on both pc and mobile devices.I had some problems with my license after setting up a certificate, so I wrote them and got a helpful reply within 24 hours.

Great service, product works – thanks!

Quick support

Quick respond. Successfully solved my activation problem. Thanks.

Very fast and responsive support.

Great Support!

Very quick and efficient support. Excellent product.

Beautiful and useful app, excellent and very fast support team, I am very well.

great support

Good support

Any issues problems are quickly tested and resolved by the fantastic support team.

The reaction was practically instant and accurate.

I had a few problems with the installation but they react very fast and correctly.

Very good plugin and excellent support.

Super fast and easy to use. Great looking galleries. Definitely should try it out if you are looking for an enhanced solution for your photo galleries on your WordPress site!

Two problems with the plugin in my web… and both were solved very fast by technicians of the plugin

They fixed my issue right away. Will continue to buy from this company

Had problems with the order of pictures, but just a few hours after my support request I got an answer and my problem has been fixed.

I have problem license after change server of my website and it was sorted super quick.

Awesome support. I had a problem, emailed them and it was sorted super quick. Really great plugin options too.

I’m more than satisfied from your support. You did a great job, for a sort time and with full attention.

very good plugin – easy to use, good support

30 minutes to answer to my question and resolve the issue! You are great! Thank you!

App works great. Phenomenal customer service. I would use their products again.

Thanks for the fast Support!

Great support and product

Easy to use, meets my needs exactly and almost immediate response to my only query from support

The support helped me really quick with problem with Gallery Bank app. I definitely reccommend.

The problems in the visualization of the selected albums was solved in very short time. Thank you!

Very helpfull support, thanks Nathan!

Plugin easy to install and setup. Contact with support had very quick, efficient and professional response.

They answered my question as to why the gallery wasn’t working with my host.

I am SO happy with this plugin and customer support! This does everything I need for a thumbnail gallery. The thumbnail size is customizable (even allows for some animation effects that can be added when you load the page), as well as the shape and spacing in between the images, there are multiple different lightboxes you can download and choose from, and best of all it is filterable by category/tag! I was so happy with it that I decided to purchase the PRO version for even more customizable features. At first I had a few problems with removing social icons from the bottom of my lightbox and making the thumbnail gallery sharper, and more responsive for mobile designs, changing the order of how thumbnails are viewed in the backend editor, so I contacted customer support. They straightened it out quickly!!! They asked for my login credentials, went in and did the dirty work, and 1 week later everything is EXACTLY as I wanted it to be!! They are a trustworthy hardworking group of people. Thank you so much! I am so happy with this plugin and the customer support, I recommend this simple but powerful plugin to everyone:)

Software is very simple. The support is great. When you e-mail them they react within 24 hours. Many peoply (include me sometimes…) do not react within 24 hours. Great!

My thumbnails weren’t expanding, so I opened a ticket and gave them access to my site. Within a couple of days, my gallery was up and running, fully functional! Great service and easy to deal with.Thanks?

Thank you for the excellent support!!

Excellent Plugin and Great SUpport

Had a minor issue after converting my site to HTTPS. Support was responsive and solved the problem quickly.

Recently my company’s website, which uses this plug in noticed that it was only showing postcodes.NOT the gallery. Despite all the form of the plug in being in place(menus, etc) nothing was working. Emailed tech support. Once. waited..Trying to fix (which didnt work) Got another email back..with in 24-36 hours that they had fixed the plug in.And to hit the update button. Plug in started working , all galleries back in place and work fine.Stink that it broke.We were not the only ones affected..but it does happen.What was great however was the pretty damn quick response time by them to fix it. So thanks heaps! keep up the good work plugin devs. And get the plug in. Good luck ! Regards Peter

Had an issue that was solved within a day via their support. The plugin works just as it should.

Great support and love the plug in

love this plugin! and their support is super amazing! they are serious about it.

Purchased the Pro edition of Gallery Block, and was unable to open due to continued “error” message. Contacted support and they replied within 24 hours solving the problem. Good customer service.

Instant support and help via email. Gallery is very easy to use and has great range of features and options!

This one works like charm and has great support team too…

Excellent Plugin and awsome fast support. Thanks…

Am using Gallery bank pro and am unable to give pagination for the albums where as am getting for album images How can i get pagination for the albuns thanks,

Very good plugin and a fast responding support. Thanks!

Beside an awesome plugin that I’ve been extremely happy with, I want to give a positive feedback for the support team as they provided excellent service and helped me with my requests quickly and professionally.

Good customer support as well! No complaints here.

The product and support for Gallery Bank was outstanding. I had some specific items that my client wanted, and the Support Staff was able to help me achieve the goals with timely help.

great plugin & pretty cool support. Thanks to the Team ?

The support team resolved our request within a couple of hours. So far so good.

Great support staff, plugin works as advertised.

Best photo gallery plug-in available. Tech support is very responsive and knowledgeable — solved the conflict with my theme very quickly.

great plugin with perfect support!

I have tried a number of plugins to find a solution for my galleries over the years, this one is by far the best I have used, simple and extremely customisable, I had a major issue with one of my websites, the support team for this plug in did everything they could to fix it, they were quick to respond, would highly recommend this product.

Easy to use, fast, works perfectly for our site.

Great Plugin, with great support

Thanks for your great help. And by the way, I love your plug-in.

Within a few days the support team solved my problem. I really appreciate their super fast and uncomplicated communication. Happy to have such people around who are interested in your situation and not just want to sell there products! I highly recommend Tech Banker with their GalleryBank Plugin! ?

We found out that the plugin was not working.
But after a mail it was solved within a few minutes.

I was having issues with my Gallery Bank and the customer service was just amazing! They fixed my issues and told me the source of my problem – I switched from a regular site to SSL and had to update their info.
GREAT COMPANY to work with!

Very swift and helpful support with a plugin issue.

its a good

We developed a site with Gallery Bank on a subdomain and launched afterwards on the real domain. Therefore,the license didn’t work at all.
It costs only one Mail to get this done and the support was quick and fast.
The Gallery itself works like a charm

Great plugin and good and fast support! Thank you!

I’ve used Gallery bank for the last 3 years. When I updated to https recently it stopped working (or at least I think that’s what happened!) I logged onto my Tech Banker account and the download option was for a new version, I downloaded and installed it but couldn’t make it work. I email support and they were superb. They got me up and running quickly without me having to understand any technical stuff – they just did it for me.
The new gallery is brilliant and I would recommend it to anyone who needs multiple galleries on their site.
Keep up the great work!

I had a problem with my licence and they replied almost immediately and solved the Problem. Great Support!

Fast support helps sorting out issues quickly

My issue was resolved in one day. This product is perfect for our needs.

Had an old version. It stopped working, might have been new version of WordPress or update from an older PHP. Anyhow, the support was very helpful solving the matter.

As webmaster, I use it since 3 years. The end user likes the easy to use interface, smart and efficient. As tech, I definitely like the assistance service, responsive and efficient.

I had an issue with my DB getting corrupt and wrote in with the typical expectations for email-based tech support. to my pleasant surprise I was responded to extremely quickly with a kind offer to log in and examine the problem I was having. not long after that they contacted me with the fix to the problem and actually performed the fix for me. I could not be more impressed.

Does exactly what I needed it to do. When I had an issue they responded right away and figured out the problem. ?

prompt response and support

I bought Gallery Bank Eco a couple of years ago and quickly upgraded to the Pro version. Even back then the gallery was feature rich and looked good without needing to change any settings or css. Because I moved over to a theme with a very good built in gallery (I didn’t buy the theme for the gallery but for other needs) I ended up drifting over to using that for reasons I don’t remember. Recently I decided to relaunch my site on a new domain and freshen up the look to a more stripped back theme. The new theme, which I also bought years ago (Canvas by WooThemes), has less inbuilt features so it loads a lot faster. I needed a gallery plug in and I looked around for the best one on the market. To my delight I discovered that I already owned the plug in that everyone was recommending. I got in touch with Tech-Bank support who couldn’t have been more helpful in helping me transfer the registration of my plug in to my new domain and gave me the updated version which is much better than the last version I used. All in all, I am someone who is very fussy about what products I use and recommend to people I build websites for. I extensively look for products, compare them, look at the demos and need them to not only look good from installation but also be easy to customise. I am not a coder so this gallery is perfect for the casual blogger or someone with coding experience. If you theme doesn’t have a gallery, buy this one! You won’t regret it! If you theme does have a gallery, buy this plug in anyway! You will be delighted with it and, like me, wonder why you stuck with the built in gallery for so long!

Very fast and to sort problem, any delay in fixing was on our part as we run a multi-site platform. Very careful of our security procedures.

Plugin is great and did exactly what I needed, but the support was first class, super fast replies, above and beyond!

I am very satisfied for the support and the service. Very fast service and very patient with my ignorance.

Great Customer Service. I got answer to my topic and issue within a few hours.

The support team asked me for my credentials so they could fix the problem and they did in no time. Seems more efficient than being asked to try this and that.

Gallery Bank Pro offers the most flexibility with the greatest ease of use of any plugin out there. It’s a pleasure to use. Be careful of licensing issues that may crop up if you change the Domain name. It will disable the plugin and there’s no way to fix it yourself. You have to contact tech support. Otherwise, an excellent product.

Had a few questions regarding the use of the Pro version which we had purchased for a client. The response to our questions was quick and helpful.

Outstanding experience. Friendly and fast.

Excellent Support

I had a question about layout on a site I built for a friend. I got very good, quick help when I contacted Gallery Bank support staff. They didn’t just tell me how to fix it, they made the necessary changes for me. I highly recommend this plugin.

Very efficient in contact and problems solved. Thank you

All really good. No complaints

I came for the plugin, I stayed for the support.

Super support at the time of purchase and in the application.

had some minor technical issues but tech support fixed it.

i was saved because i used this plugin and support. thank you very much! all of you should use this if you want to upload a photo in wordpress.

Support quickly responded and fixed an issue that caused a display error. Thanks!

Very User friendly and good customer support.

Lot’s of features and looks great.

I use the gallery to manage a very large number of photos for my studio. The tags work great for allowing viewers to find photos by a variety of topics. While it doesn’t do everything I want it to, it really was the best option out there and I hope the extra features I want will be added in the future. When I had a licensing issue when my website was moved, they were very prompt in getting me back up and working with my galleries.

Just installed this plugin. Had minor issue due to difference in PHP version without affecting functionality of the plugin. I created support ticked and the issue was solved in no time with updated relative file. Thanks!

I indicated this application because it met all expectations and when I needed support they answered quickly and solved my problem. Indico este aplicativo pois atendeu todas as expectativas e quando precisei de suporte eles responderam rápido e resolveram meu problema.

Very good support. Thank you!

Excellent support, helped me trough all issues and resolved them super fast

Good product, exactly what I needed and great support. I’d like to see more gallery display options in the future.

Two days I bought the TECH BANK GALLERY. Reasons: I want to have a good looking, grid gallery with a filter option. Initially I have some problems adjusting the number of colums from 5 to 3, meanwhile maintaining full screen width and responsiveness. However, the support team of TECH BANK has solved that issue within 12 hours. To wrap up: GREAT PLUGIN AND GREAT SUPPORT Philippe

We ask for help re a specific social solution and support team fixed it very quickly. We are very satisfied and happy using the pro-version of this plugin.

Very impressed with this plugin. We had a javascript conflict upon installing and the support team fixed it.

When I migrated my website from /localhost to web hosting service, Tech Banker was quick to reassign my license to the new domain. Way to go!

Tried the lite version, liked it so bought the Pro version. Installed on my old hosting to do further testing, which all worked well. Migrated to new hosting and got my licence transferred within a day.

Very fast response to my issue and all sorted out within a couple of hours. Highly recommended.

These guys are the best. Their ability to solve problems is well above some I have dealt with elsewhere. Great work guys! Lawrence Blair Christiansintheworld

Thanks for fast help!

Excellent support – when I moved a test site to it’s permanent home they quickly assisted me with moving the Pro license. Thanks!

I use it on your website and I am pleased with it. everything works as it should

This plugin is exactly what we needed to display our galleries! They provide an easy to use interface which allows you to display your albums just like Google Keep and Pinterest! Their support is quick too. We hooked up our Gallery Plugin to our test domain and needed to switch it to the live domain. They responded in a day and got that switched over with no hassle. Highly Recommended!

Gallery Bank is great. It is simpel, professional apperarance on one’s website and, not least – which is the most important thing – the Support Group is allways there when you need them!!!

It’s really the best gallery extension I have used until now. And the support team is fast and efficient ? Thanks ?

Excellent plugin and technical issue was fixed within a day by great support team.

Great plugin with a lot of options. Got the help from support quickly, when needed it.

We had a good look around for a gallery and finally settled on this. We had a problem at one point, but it was sorted quickly by support and so we are very pleased with this.

The gallery works great and when we had an issue it was quickly resolved by the developers. Good job!

Great Plugin, Great support

Had an issue they heled same day and resolved my problem, thank you

‘Eco’ version works well and support showed me how to make the galleries work better on mobiles.

The product is great. It’s just something that I was looking for, for my blog.I am particularly happy with the support for their immediate responses and potential to resolve issues. Good Going Guys!!

Looks great with minimal effort. Clean design. I had one question for support and they were right on it. Highly recommend.

Because of the different time zone it can take a little while to get a response – but they do respond in a reasonably timely manner and they do solve the problems presented and answer the questions asked. The plugin product I am using is very good quality, easy to use and well made. Highly recommend their products.

Good plugin I love specially masonry layout

Gallery Bank support helped me get my gallery working again after a website host migration. They were quick and efficient!!

Can recommend the pro-version. Helpfull og quick support.

very good plugin and very performant support

I bought the Pro version. It is easy to handle. I tried it on a local server first before I moved the whole site to my webserver. This causes license problems (all galleries disappeared on the webserver) which were solved very quickly, after contacting the support.

I must say, great product…but even GREATER support team! Thanks for everything guys! Andre

Always a great service! The team responded quickly to my query, an excellent service all around! Many Thanks

After I had detected a problem the techbank support team tried to solve this very rapidly. The procedures were a little bit unorthodox but effective.

Re-installing gallery bank worked out well, thanks!

Great plugin.

I’ve been a pro client for several years. I recently had an issue where I needed my license key updated for my domain name. I reached out to pro support via email and I literally had a response within an hour which confirmed that everything was updated on their end and sure enough, my pro plugin was working great as usual. ?

Very good plugin, and support team is powerful and fast !

very fast and very efficient support, even on weekends

My question was answered within 24 hours. I consider this great support!
Great product + Great Support = Success!

Cool Gallery-tool with top Support. Needed support two times and got my Problems solved straightforward an in useful time. I can absolutely recommend Tech Banker and Gallery Bank.

I received a rapid solution from support

They were quick and very helpful.

Excellent helpdesk and support. Quick and what’s more important – patient and reliable.

Thanks for good support until now.

Great plugin, and the support is top-notch.

I really liked gallery plugin.

The best plugin I ever had till now, exactly what I was looking for. Keep it that way

this plugin is a lifesaver. I really appreciate your good work. thank you. ?

Quick fix and great support!

Great Gallery Plugin and great service

Great Gallery Plugin and great service

Five stars!

Great plugin with so many options and very good support

Great Plugin and Support

Helped me really quickly and solved my issue perfectly!

We’ve had some serious problems which we couldn’t sort out by ourself. Just called TechBank. Boing – that’s all. ‘gave them an admin login and the problem was sorted out immediately. That’s what we understand by 5-star service. Definitely recommendable. Beside this: We use Gallery Bank to manage some hundred galleries with up to 10 photos each. ‘seems to be a very powerful plugin with a lot of features to meet every need. After testing some others before, we are extremely satisfied with this one.

Fast response, friendly contact, that’s the way how good support look’s like. Best regards Heino Schello RaumAusbeute® Germany

This is the must have gallery plugin for your wordpress site.Masonry Gallery – This is the best feature of this plugin.I am using this photo gallery plugin for many of my websites and would continue doing so in near future.

Gallery bank was quick in responding and also smoothly fixed my problem.Although GalleryBank hasn’t such a huge amount of installs yet it is certainly a contender for other majorly known and popular Gallery plugins.

Support efficace et très réactif ! Bravo et Merci

I’m working on customizing a commercial theme for an artist and needed to showcase his works in a stunning way. I purchased this plugin because of the many different ways they had available to view a gallery. However, I could not get it to work with my theme. I contacted support and just a short time later they had it working even better than I imagined. Love these guys!!!

Really fast and accurate support.10/10 would buy again.

V pleased with the features of Gallery Bank. Had a recent problem when updated & added SSL to my site, but they sorted it out, all fine now!

We changed our website from http: to https: and so the license was not working for our gallery bank. I emailed support at 1 minute to 1pm before i went for lunch. When i came back to my desk at 1:30 i had an email back saying the issue was fixed! Amazing customer support. And great product! Would highly recommend plug in.

Very good communication to the support.A great plugin and good purchase price.

Very responsive support too.

Great support – very prompt!

perfect for our requirements, and the support was swift and very helpful.

I’d like to thank you so much Nathan for his professional support. I’ve been able to overcome my matters with the plugin in a very short time with his help. Super!

Very quick support. Much appreciated.

Thanks for your help

great product! very fast support!!!! great price! 5*

Fantastic plugin, great features and easy to learn and use. Any problems are quickly resolved by the fantastic support team.

Very perfect plugin And support team!!!!

I have been very happy with this plug-in. It allows me to display batches of images for a lot of different purposes, and when I need to add something to a gallery, I can just do that from the dashboard without having to worry about finding the posts where I’ve placed them. Support is also very responsive, which is not always the case for plug-ins.

The support was very fast to provide me a reply with a solution with my problem.

I am really pleased with the plugin and the support. I had a small problem with licencing an I got support by email right away.

Great plugin and great support

Quick help of the support. I had problems with the orientation of the gallery and the support has helped me fast and the problem solved.

Gallery Bank is convenient to use with excellent after sale support. I feel that the investment in buying a Pro version is definitely worth it.

Bought this very nice plugin. Failed to install properly, but support was quick and reactive to my request to solve it. Great service, will use these guys again later.

Outstanding support for a great plugin!

Made creating large amounts of photo albums very easy for our clients. Photos are easy to upload, albums are easy to edit, and setting specifics/custom options was a breeze. Will be using this one again! And the customer service was very quick! They were responsive and helpful and solved our tiny issue.

The Tech Banker support is really amazing. They helped my in no time and to my full satisfation. Also the Gallery Bank plug-in is awesome!

Excellent support, helped me trough all issues and resolved them super fast

Excellent support.

Very quick response, and they were able to do what I was requesting.

Got a problem after uploading the Pro version. Installation was unsuccessful, but Nathan Clark was very helpful and very sufficient, by sorting my problem out within an hour or less. Thanks Nathan

After grappling with many social sharing for image plugins, Gallery Bank was the perfect solution. Looks nice and does exactly what we need it to do. I had an issue with settings and support answered within hours. Highly recommend Gallery Bank!

Good support, didn’t have to wait long for reply

Great and quick support !! Very nice plugin. I would recommend this one !!

I appreciated the personal service and support I received for my Gallery Bank WP Issue. Instead of simply telling me it was another plugin’s issue and to contact them, they actually figured out the offending plugin and line to comment out to enable my site to work correctly again. THANK YOU TECH BANKER!

The support team was great. The helped me solve an uploading problem. I highly recommend this plugin.

After changing the final URL of the site all the galleries disappeared and only codes were visible due to a licencing conflict caused by the URL modification. We contacted the support team and got an extremely fast reply and a good solution. The problem was fixed in a blink of an eye. Absolutely premium service, thank You!

A great plugin to display photo galleries. Support from their technical team is excellent.

This Plugin is exact where we were looking for. And above that: we needed the support desk for a problem: our galeries where not showing on de dashboard. Juist 1 mail and several hours later it was fixed! Compliments and Many Thanks!

Moved my site from a test server to its final destination and had problems. The support from the tech team was awesome. I spent several days trying to sort my issues. All I neede to do was contact support. Within 2 emails I was all back up and running. It’s a great plug in and with its direct links to Facebook etc it should help increase traffic to my website. A good job very well done to the Tec team.

had an issue with migration to a new domain. Got very fast response and a solution. Top!

Added this plugin to a new website design and it has worked great! Had one small issue. Emailed support and they emailed me the fix!

Very good plugin and great support. Responded quickly to my querries and sorted them out ?

I picked out this gallery type for its possibilities. I had one issue that was solved perfectly by the support team. So a great product with super service team!

Easy to install and to configure! Works as expected.

What a great product that does exactly what it is suppose to do. The galleries appear clean and responsive across desk-top, tablet and cell phone platforms. Adding new images with titles and description is simple and intuitive. The best part of this plugin is the support team behind the scenes. Even though there is a really big time lag (UK vs. PST about 10hrs difference) they respond quickly and thoroughly. Great product and service team! So worth the money!

This is one of the best gallery plugins I’ve used. The galleries are ready cool and easy to set up. Tech support was fast and friendly. Thank you.

Their services on a hacked site is great and they deliverd. It wasn’t easy but now it is clean again. No affort was to big en each question was anserd. Thanks. The Gallery plugin is also great.

Fast support feedback.

Thank you for support – I linke this Plugin!

A perfect service within 24 hours responce

A useful plugin. A great support makes it easy to work with

Very good Plugin and the support it’s the best!

I emailed the support at, and they resolved it to my satisfaction. The software is very good, and Pro is worth the money.

Although the feature I was looking for wasn’t present in the dashboard, support got back to me within 24 hours and showed me how to change the setting within the CSS. Very helpful! Thanks!

This plugin is definitely worth it. You have so many different options and layouts for the gallery. It’s the best plugin I’ve found. Their support service was so quick I was very impressed.

Great and fast help! Thanks!

Plugin works really well and the support team got back to us in a short space of time.

perfect plugin